Published March 24, 2014 by Sleeping Dragon Press

Nora Carpenter is a trainee assistant physician, a part-time diner chef … and a witch. Hiding from the memory of a traumatic rape she keeps herself to herself. Hard work, study, and a cold shoulder to any guy that crosses her path, seem like her best defense.

But when Nora starts having vivid dreams about a compelling, mysterious stranger with dark curls, sexy eyes and a charming Irish lilt, her defenses seem to be breaking. He says he is her soul mate – that he has conquered many centuries to contact her. Can this be real? Or is she going mad? Nora tries to fight the gentle seduction that threatens to thaw her icy façade. But when she's forced to come face to face with real evil she must call on all her magickal resources, including her lover from another life, to save her.

In an adventure outside of time, Nora learns that you cannot run from your destiny.
Sleeping Dragon Press
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